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Grow Your Creative Practice with Sketchbooks!

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Hi there, my name is Suzanne Allard, I’m a floral/abstract painter and creativity teacher. When I first started painting a few years ago I wasn’t a big sketchbook user.  I would dabble here and there but didn’t really have a relationship with my sketchbooks the way I do now.  I would see all those pretty sketchbooks online and think what is the point, why go to all that trouble just to make a small version of something?

Then I started really being brave in the sketchbook, trying new things, going back over things.  Somehow, I had permission to be more free in the sketchbook than I did on a regular-sized painting.  It gave me more freedom to fully flesh out ideas and then it became fun to see if I could make each spread something I liked.

This process of growing and falling in love with your sketchbook is what I’m aiming to teach you in this class.  The by-product is that you grow as a creative person because I believe we all have a creative spirit that wants to express itself.

  • We will paint together on some spreads, both floral and abstract, I will also narrate lots of time-lapses of me painting in my sketchbooks.
  • If you find that you are tight or feel constricted in your creativity, this will help loosen you up.
  • We will learn what to do on days where we are just not feeling it.
  • The goal is to enjoy, experiment, have fun and fall in love with being creative in a sketchbook.
  • Join a friend or two and turn this into virtual painting party with family or friends if you so desire. Or do it by yourself.  Either way, you’ll enjoy growing creatively.
  • I’ve also included some digital downloads of some of the pieces we create. You are free to enjoy these downloads for yourself but not to sell the artwork.

Packed with all the techniques and approaches in Suzanne’s work, key lessons will cover:

  • Supplies and tools, sketchbook show and tell
  • How to develop a sketchbook practice
  • Lots of sketchbook inspiration, Suzanne shows and talks through her favorite sketchbooks.
  • Lots of time-lapse sketchbook painting demonstrations
  • Experimenting with different supplies and sketchbooks
  • Paint along with Suzanne in your sketchbook creating several different spreads, both floral and abstract
  • Taking care of your journal

Maybe you’ve been painting and would like to learn how to use a sketchbook or art journal to grow your creative practice, or maybe you’ve never painted.  Either way, come along and be inspired and supported while you learn to create in a free and fun way that helps you grow.

Resources and Goodies:

Check out Suzanne’s recommended books and supplies on her website where you can also subscribe to her "Your Creative Adventure" email newsletter with creative inspiration, tools and tips and free artwork downloads, all at:

Be sure to download all the goodies in the resources section! Of course, these items are for your use only, not for sale.

Find Suzanne on her blogFacebook and Instagram. She also has a Youtube channel!  Join her on Pinterest for inspiration.

Follow Suzanne here on Skillshare and look for her next class, she'll be adding them every couple of months!

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Grow Your Creative Practice with Sketchbooks!
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