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Getting Started with Unreal Engine

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In this course, you’ll be introduced to the Unreal Engine 4, a popular platform for game development and creation of cutting-edge 3D environments in real-time, video games, VR/AR, training, architectural visualization, and many other growing fields.

Through a step-by-step process with videos as quick-start guides, you will become familiar with the core interface and learn how to import objects and set them up in the unreal engine. Next, you’ll dive into the key skill areas of lighting, materials, and physics simulations. The course will conclude with a discussion of post processing. You’ll apply these skills for everything from color grading (next-gen film making), vfx (visual effects) or interface design (creating lines around 3D objects).

The content in this course will prepare you for the exciting work of interactive 3D development, covered in the next course.

  • How to build an interactive environment
  • How to import 3-D objects and from external programs
  • How to set up location-based lighting for architectural visualization
  • How to use the material editor to set up customizable materials
  • How to apply post process volumes

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Getting Started with Unreal Engine
7 weeks
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