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Fundamentals of C++

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Launch your journey as a developer with this comprehensive course that provides an in-depth learning experience with the powerful, fast, and popular object-oriented C++ programming language from scratch. You will have access to a stack of learning activities like detailed presentations, comprehensive code demo videos, quizzes, multiple coding assignments and more.

This course has numerous auto-evaluated C++ coding activities that help you understand the syntax and semantics of C++ and build strong programming and problem-solving skills. You’ll learn how to frame a strong logic development angle, comprehend a scenario, translate it into a program, submit your solution for auto evaluation, and get detailed feedback. The hands-on exercises are designed to test learners with various levels of understanding of C++ skills and concepts to help them master the syntax and semantics of the language.

Upon completing this course you will learn:

1. How to think like a developer who has mastered the syntax and semantics of the C++ programming language, enabling you to become an efficient and effective automation expert.

2. How to implement and automate complex programming scenarios using the syntax and semantics of C++

3. Understand how to design and implement array and pointer-based scenarios


In this course you will cover:

  • Basic concepts of C++ programming language
  • Different data types and operators
  • The implementation of control structures
  • Logic building using arrays and pointers
  • Explore C++ functions

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Fundamentals of C++
5 weeks
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