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Fun With Spaces: Create a Stylised Scene in Procreate + Animation

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Todays class is all about creating a stylised scene in Procreate. It's jam packed full of exercises, walkthroughs and tips to speed up your workflow. I’ve included fun and actionable exercises to get you feeling confident using the shape tool. I’ll show you how to add balance and depth to your illustrations, what to look out for when picking reference photos, and my exact process from start to finish of how I build up my scene.

For your class project I want you to create a scene with a cat in it. And as a special bonus I’ll be showing you how to animate it using animation assist.

What we’ll be covering:

  • How to use the Quickshape tool in Procreate
  • Fun exercises to get you warmed up
  • Tips to speed up your work flow.
  • Easy ways to find inspiration and most importantly what to look out for.
  • My whole process from start to finish of how I create my scenes
  • Bonus, animating your pet with animation assist
  • How to save your animation ready to post to Instagram and Skillshare

Thanks so much for enrolling in my class - I’m so excited to have you here :)

For those of you wondering you can find my iPad case here


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iPad Case:

My Go-To Brushes:

Shape brush - Inky Pixels

Straggle brush - Inkers by Idle Letters

Paint cracks - Tip Top Brushes

Nitty Gritty - Jamie Bartlett

Prickly - Jamie Bartlett

Photo by the talented Sean Dalton

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Fun With Spaces: Create a Stylised Scene in Procreate + Animation
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