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Full Stack Web Development for Beginners- Part 3: Javascript and API'S

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Welcome to Full Stack Web Development for Beginners!

This course is designed to teach beginners everything they need to know to build full stack websites and applications!

This is part three of this huge course, teaching you all about Javascript, API'S and fetching data.

We begin with Javascript: Basics and control flow where you will learn:

  • Variables, string and numbers
  • Arithmetic and operators
  • Alert, prompt and confirm
  • if else statements and comparison operators
  • Nesting and logical operators
  • Ternaty operator
  • Switch statement
  • Dragon Slayer project!

We then move onto Javascript: DOM Manipulation, functions and events, learning about:

  • DOM Manipulation
  • Adding and removing elements using Javascript
  • Functions and arguments
  • Scope and hoisting
  • Arrow functions
  • Events
  • Pixel to em converter project!

After this we learn about Javascript: Loops, Arrays and objects:

You will learn about:

  • Arrays and array methods
  • For each
  • Map
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Objects and looping through objects
  • Object constructor function

Then we cover Javascript: Shape matcher game and RegEx which will cover:

  • HTTP, request and response
  • API'S
  • Fetching data and query strings
  • Async code and promises
  • Creating searches and searech queries
  • Event capture and bubbling
  • Song finder application!

This third part of the course covers all of the Javascript fundamentals you need to go on to building full stack websites.

So, enjoy this class and check out the rest of the parts as they become available!

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Full Stack Web Development for Beginners- Part 3: Javascript and API'S
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