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From Clueless to Content Creator: Make Engaging Videos That Attract An Audience

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In this course, you’ll learn the most essential knowledge and skills to start making great videos of any type that can attract an audience--regardless of your filmmaking gear and experience.

In over a decade as a professional filmmaker, I’ve obsessed over what makes for great filmmaking and content. Through analyzing great videos along with creating videos professionally for clients and for Youtube, I’ve been able to identify a handful of key elements that make for truly engaging content. These elements can be applied to any niche with any level of skill and experience to make better, more engaging videos.

This course is especially for creatives and hobbyists who want to be able to tell their stories on video more effectively with the aim of providing value and building a community around their work. Whether you want to make better vlogs, cinematic videos, reviews, tutorials, explainers, documentaries, or most any kind of video content and carve out your space in today’s competitive landscape, this course is for you.

In this, course, we’ll go over:


  • The single crucial element every successful video needs to have
  • Identifying the value you want to bring--and why that is crucial
  • Why having a point of view is far more important than production value
  • What skills to work on and dive deeper into
  • Gear and tools - what you ACTUALLY need to invest in
  • Case studies in each lesson to illustrate the principles being discussed


  • Effective planning and pre-production and the impact it can have on your content
  • Practical video script structure for maximum engagement


  • Tips for shooting high-quality video
  • Tips for being great on camera
  • Top tips for a better edit
  • How to share your video and eventually build an audience
  • Success as a creator and why building a huge audience isn’t necessary

Video creators at any level can benefit from this course, whether you’re just starting out or have experience but need refocus on what really matters.

If you'd like to connect with me, feel free to reach out here: InstagramYoutubeTwitter, Facebook, Tiktok

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From Clueless to Content Creator: Make Engaging Videos That Attract An Audience
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