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Free-Flow Watercolor: 7 Days of Relaxing Landscape Painting

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Free-Flow Watercolor: 7 Days of Relaxing Landscape Painting

Slow down and discover a new way to relax and develop creativity. Together, let's connect with nature and learn to paint intuitively through 7 days of free-flow watercolor landscape painting.

You will learn unconventional watercolor techniques and how to apply them to create beautiful free flowing landscapes that reflect the natural world around us in a unique way.

Enjoy creating without fear, let go of the need to control the outcome and discover fun new relationships between water and pigment as we experiment, observe and play!

For your final project, you’ll create a range of landscape paintings with different techniques for capturing the essence of nature. To do this, ill show you my favorite tricks and the methods I use for this style of painting . Ill share with you how to get into the flow by creating an atmosphere that stimulates inspiration.

  • We will start with a simple exercise using just one color.
  • Next, we’ll learn how to gradually work with 2 or more colors and develop color harmony
  • Discover ways to blend paints without creating muddy colors or losing the freshness on your work.
  • We’ll practice with different textures you can achieve from both regular and granulating paints…
  • Then, we will explore effects like backruns, dripping, spraying, splattering, salt technique and more.
  • We will also work with heavy washes, color blending, dry brush techniques
  • I’ll show you how to paint different landscape elements to complete your

By the end of the course you’ll have all you need to create your own free-flow watercolor landscapes. You don’t need to be an experienced artist. You don’t even have to know how to draw. Just lose the fear of splashing watercolor over a blank page and dive into a new world where the only rule is letting the paints freely flow!

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Free-Flow Watercolor: 7 Days of Relaxing Landscape Painting
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