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Foundations of Ethical Decision-Making: Government and Political Issues

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Globalization has dramatically increased the influence of international corporations in political, economic, and sociocultural spheres. More than ever, global managers are faced with profound choices about their impact. In this course, you will analyze real-world ethical dilemmas using multiple frameworks and ultimately refining your own approach to ethical decision-making.

When considering complex ethical questions, how useful are your starting assumptions? How do your decisions change when you prioritize established rules versus projected outcomes? Through case studies on mineral extraction and racial discrimination, you will gain a practical foundation in applied ethics and the skills to makes sound ethical decisions throughout your career.

  • Describe the characteristics of applied ethics and the impact of ethical decision-making on society.

  • Define and contrast rules- and results-based approaches to ethical decision-making.

  • Apply rules-based and results-based approaches in relation to human rights scenarios.

  • Analyze the role of corporate political involvement in balancing human rights with the recognition of host governments’ legitimacy.

  • Identify and assess how global business practices intersect with values of censorship, privacy, and public safety on the internet.

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Foundations of Ethical Decision-Making: Government and Political Issues
8 weeks
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