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Find Your Digital Illustration Style in Procreate

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Find Your Illustration Style in Procreate! In this class you will be guided through a design process which will help you to find, strengthen and enhance your illustration style. We will challenge your drawing skills, add more life to your illustrations and create a toolkit that will help you to stay consistent and cohesive in your art on your digital illustration journey.

The class is perfect for beginner illustrators who would love to develop a consistent illustration style. The class can be taken by very beginners and more advanced illustrators as well.

Mindfulness is important in every aspect of life and it is not different in illustration as well. Having conscious decisions in a thought through process mixed with your intuition will result in an original style you will be recognized for. This class will guide you through this process, will help you to make decisions, ask questions that you might have not thought of yet and create resources that will all add to your own original illustration style.

To take the class, it is recommended to have an iPad and Procreate installed on it, but it is possible to finish the class in another software or even traditionally.

In this class you will be guided to go from an idea to a full illustration...and even more:

  • We will make decisions on how to use lines, shapes and shading.

  • We will do an easy character design with a dynamic gesture.

  • We will build a scene and decide on its depth, camera angle and composition.

  • We will create a signature color palette.

  • We will build a motif library and some personalized brushes.

By the end of this class you will have a better idea what fits you, what part of the way you are illustrating now will remain and what part will be changed by the decisions you make through this process. You will have a full toolkit as well - a signature color palette and a motif library with few brushes. The decisions and these tools will make your work look more consistent and cohesive and voila, you will have a fresh illustration style that you can upgrade in the future again going through this same process.

So if you are ready to get your work recognizable, let's dive into it!

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Find Your Digital Illustration Style in Procreate
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