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Financial Management for 18 - 26 Year-Olds with Personal Finance and Investing Productivity

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Begin Building a Better Financial Future Through Financial Management, Budgeting, Saving, and Investing!

This course will introduce what financial management is and why it is so important that you have control of your finances so that your finances do not control you. You will also gain a better understanding of how to create and maintain a budget, the best saving options, and how to harness the power of compound interest!

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Hope to see you in class again soon!


Halloween is coming soon!

The seasons are changing, and new opportunities are waiting ahead of us. So, let’s make this month an opportunity for a fun *** CHALLENGE & GIVEAWAY *** to motivate us all! If you follow me and post a project to this class (in the month of October), you have a chance to win one of the two $50 (USD) AMAZON eGIFT CARDS I will be giving away to my awesome students!

Here are our participation rules:

  1. Follow me (Cal Hyslop) here on Skillshare.
  2. Watch this class and post your CLASS PROJECT between October 1st and October 31st, 2022 (GMT time).
  3. Winners will be randomly picked on Nov. 1st. Good luck to everyone!!!

\\\* AND EVEN BETTER NEWS *** Each project is one entry. That means you can post more than one project and increase your chances of winning. Post a project to this class and any of my other classes here on Skillshare and share the challenge with your friends and family! (anyone can join Skillshare for free for 30 days and participate in the challenge through this link:

*Results will be released on Nov 1st, 2022. You will receive the winner results by email on Skillshare if you follow me.

\\\* IMPORTANT *** If you are a winner, in order to receive your $50 eGift Card, you will need to share your email address with me inside your original project post. Simply (1.) open the project you posted, edit that post, and include your email address or (2.) comment on your post with your email address within 48 hours of the results (2 days after the Nov.1st results).

Now, check out this class and post your project. Happy Halloween!!

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Financial Management for 18 - 26 Year-Olds with Personal Finance and Investing Productivity
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