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Figure Drawing for Illustration: Drawing People, Faces & Scenes

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Have you felt intimidated by the idea of adding people and portraits to your drawings? Want to overcome that perfectionism with simple tips and exercises that will get you drawing people in no time? Join Leah Goren in her latest class on Drawing Portraits and Figures to level up your illustrations!

Adding people to your drawings can really enhance the overall image by giving it a story, motion, emotion, and so much more. Join Leah as she shares everything you need to know to begin exploring your own unique approach to drawing people and faces! In this class we will be learning how to draw people in a way that’s geared toward illustration. At the end of the class you should feel confident drawing bodies and faces and know how to use them in your work.

Key lessons include:

  • Exploring inspiration images
  • Finding samples to draw
  • Drawing figures in time constraints
  • Drawing portraits in time constraints
  • Using gouache in your drawings
  • Tying people with faces into scenes

Drawing people, and especially faces, can be a challenge, especially if you’re a beginner and aren’t sure where to start. This class will help you work through a few exercises that will offer tons of practice drawing the figure and faces in different ways. With this approach, there is no one right way, and instead you’ll get really creative, try a lot of things, and find your own personal style.

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Figure Drawing for Illustration: Drawing People, Faces & Scenes
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