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Figure Drawing - The 3 Main Masses of the Body

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Welcome to my class, "Figure Drawing - The 3 Main Masses of the Body."

In this class you will learn how to draw the human figure by breaking down the major forms of the body.  We will draw the 3 main masses and you will learn how to pay special attention to these areas and their orientations to one another.

This allows us to draw a more dynamic and expressive representation of the human figure. Also, by breaking these primary areas down into the simplified forms you can turn them on the page much easier with your imagination.

First I will show you how I draw and simplify the head, torso, and pelvis while drawing them at different angles.  Keep in mind, your representations of these forms can be a bit different.  They are merely building blocks that help you to draw the following stages of the work.

Next you will learn how to draw these and attach them to the spine.  Here we will focus more on the twisting and tilting of these forms in relationship to one another. This will give you a better understanding of how the body can be drawn more dynamically.

Practice these techniques as often as you can and you will start to see your figure drawing become more expressive!

Thank you for considering my class and good luck with your studies!

-Robert A. Marzullo

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Figure Drawing - The 3 Main Masses of the Body
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