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Expressive Watercolor Flowers: Painting with Expression, Freedom and Style

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Welcome to my class- Expressive Flowers in Watercolor: Painting with Expression, Freedom and Style

This class is not meant to provide you just a step by step instruction on how to paint. It aims to inspire you to feel free to create paintings that will bring you real joy and fulfillment.

We will start with choosing the right materials such as paints and brushes that will make your creative journey more exciting. Next, we will work on building up confidence in working with a lot of water and color by learning to let go. I will share unique brushworks and special techniques to allow water and colors to move freely and make the most of your watercolor.

After that, I will share how to loosen up your painting style and how to portray the essence of flowers by combining techniques and expressive brush strokes. I will guide you step by step thru painting dazzling variety of spring flowers.

By the end of the class you will experience the infinite potential of watercolor, overcome the fear of water flow and color burst and gain a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm for painting!

If this is what you desire to experience, then grab your brushes and let’s take the journey together!

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Expressive Watercolor Flowers: Painting with Expression, Freedom and Style
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