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Excel Pivot Tables for Beginners: Learn them in 20 Minutes

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Learn how to use one of the most powerful features of Microsoft Excel in 20 minutes!

What are PivotTables?

PivotTables are a feature in Microsoft Excel that allow you to summarise and extract meaning from data sets. You can design and rearrange ('pivot') them to get the answers and information you need from your data.

Why should you learn how to use PivotTables?

Understanding how to use PivotTables is a 'must-have' skill if you want to get the most out of Excel. The benefits of understanding how to use PivotTables include being able to:

  • Quickly summarise a data set without having to write formulas
  • Save time when working with data sets
  • Gain insights from data that you might have otherwise missed
  • Create professional reports that can be easily customised

This course makes PivotTables easy!

Although PivotTables are one of the most powerful features of Excel, learning how to use them doesn't have to be hard. This course has been designed with beginners in mind. It breaks down the subject of PivotTables into short, digestible videos using practical examples.

What will I know at the end of this class?

At the end of this class you will:

  • Be able to create a PivotTable from scratch
  • Know how to rearrange PivotTables so you can get the answers you need
  • Understand how PivotTables are connected with their source data
  • Be able to use the Timeline and Slicer features of PivotTables
  • And more!

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Excel Pivot Tables for Beginners: Learn them in 20 Minutes
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