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Engineering Thermodynamics (I) | 工程热力学(上)

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Engineering thermodynamics is a classical subject that studies the conversion of thermal energy and mechanical energy and the effective utilization of thermal energy. It is not only an important professional basic course for energy engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace, engineering thermophysics, building environment and equipment engineering, chemical engineering, and nuclear engineering, but also the theoretical basis of energy saving and the basis of heat utilization, heat design, heat management, and heat control foundation.

This is an edX course of "engineering thermodynamics" (National Excellent Course, 64 class hours) of Tsinghua University. Considering the differences in the basic knowledge of the learners outside the university, the edX course is divided into two parts: Engineering Thermodynamics (I) mainly includes basic concepts, the First Law of Thermodynamics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the properties and process of ideal gas and gas power cycle, etc; Engineering Thermodynamics (Ⅱ) mainly includes the properties and processes of real gas, steam power cycle, refrigeration cycle, wet air, the differential equation of thermodynamics, fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics, as well as some brief introductions of the research frontier and research application (as an extension of the course, marked with *, not included in grades), etc.



Basic concepts;

First Law of Thermodynamics;

Second Law of Thermodynamics;

The properties and processes of ideal gas;

Gas power cycle;








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Engineering Thermodynamics (I) | 工程热力学(上)
12 weeks
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