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Engineering Drawing | 工程制图

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“Engineering Drawing” is a fundamental course of engineering technology, including two parts: basic theories and advanced practices. The first part will introduce the theory of projection and its application on drawings, focusing on training students with basic knowledge of engineering. The second part of the practice sessions is to give students general experience in producing a variety of mechanical drawings.

Based on the theory of projection, this course is to teach basic design representations such as 2D views, axonometric drawing of freehand and 3D solid modeling etc. It integrates various drawing skills such as freehand sketching, instrumental sketching and CAD modeling and design. The main objectives are to educate students with capabilities of engineering imaginations, and to train them to think with 3D images, to represent designs with 2D drawings, and to innovate with new shape constructions. This course also provides a prerequisite for further mechanical engineering courses such as machine design and manufacturing.

1.Two-dimensional view representations.

2.Axonometric drawing and freehand drawing.

3.Typical parts analysis and representation (Detailed drawing).

4.Typical assemblies analysis and representation (Assembly drawing)

5. Computer-aided design skills(2D drafting and 3D solid modeling)

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Engineering Drawing | 工程制图
16 weeks
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