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Empower Your Brand: Crafting a Powerful Narrative to Redefine Your Business

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Course worksheets:

1. Canva Brand Identity worksheets 2. Canva one-pager and poster

Starting your own business is is getting three years in and feeling like you’ve lost your direction, with no clue as to how to move your brand forward. This class is for anyone who wants to change their brand story, as well as their own.

An award-winning commercial director, Aram has worked with an array of global giants to put their brand message into emotive social content, and has had unique access into the strategic thinking that goes into impactful marketing. You’ll learn the key steps and skills to building a strong brand identity so you can move forward with confidence and clarity, as well as inside tips from the film world to save time and embarrassment.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The four core elements to creating a strong brand identity
  • How to translate your brand story into relatable social media posts
  • The script-writing technique to creating consistently engaging content
  • Powerful tools in Canva to create stylish assets
  • Places to find high quality stock video and photos for free.

You’ll be creating a suite of high quality Instagram assets, including an animated GIF post, a branded Insta story, and a stunning video post, all made inside the free and easy online Canva platform. Whether you’re looking to kick-start your business again, or new to the entrepreneurial journey, this class will give you the strategy, tools and confidence to start crafting a powerful brand identity. Jump in!

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Empower Your Brand: Crafting a Powerful Narrative to Redefine Your Business
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