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Efficient Business Communication: International Business Communication Standard Practices

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If you are working in an environment in which you often use PowerPoint, Power BI, or other tools to present a storyline/data and want to improve the speed, efficiency, and impression of your presentation - this course is made for you!

By using the "International Business Communication Standard" (IBCS) we will identify the key pitfalls of business communication and how to address them using the rules and advice of the guideline. The content is derived from the official International Business Communication handbook.

In this class you'll learn:

  • The science of standardization and how the brain processes information
  • How the IBCS Institute can help you on your learning journey
  • What elements of your communication should be the focus for potential changes
  • How to make sure that you are following the rules after finishing the course

What the project is about:

  • You will redesign a simple PowerPoint slide according to the principles that you learned in the course

Even if you are not a professional and new to PowerPoint or business communication the course is easy to understand and will provide you with a steep learning curve.

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Efficient Business Communication: International Business Communication Standard Practices
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