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Dynamic Anatomy for Artists - Muscles of the Leg

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Drawing Anatomy for Artists - Muscles of the Leg

In this class the focus is to teach you the superficial muscles of the leg and how to draw them.  We will illustrate the leg from the front back and side positions. Here you will learn about the terminology and orientation of the muscles. The muscles of the legs can be complex to most students so I will show you how to simplify the legs into basic shapes and what landmarks to remember to aid you in the drawing process.

After we have completed the turnaround studies of the leg, we will draw some more dynamic poses.  This will give you a chance to test your skills.  Be patient with your self and try not to expect greatness on your first try.  Drawing legs confidently takes lots of practice.  Just know that if you keep creating studies like these you will start to figure it out!

I hope you enjoy these lessons and I would love to see your work!  I am here if you have any questions and good luck with your studies!



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Dynamic Anatomy for Artists - Muscles of the Leg
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