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Drawing Toward Illustration: Connect How You Draw with How You Illustrate

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This class is all about using drawing as a tool for illustration. If you want to discover your voice as an illustrator, draw more confidently from heart, and learn how to connect how you draw more seamlessly to how you illustrate, this class is for you!

Join Tom as he guides you through a series of info-packed mini lectures in the Primer and then through a series of fun drawing exercises that teach the two modes of drawing. For the final project, you get to put it all together in a full page illustrated scene in your style! Along the way, you’ll learn some powerful ideas and techniques that will help you use drawing more purposefully as an illustration tool.

In spite of being talented artists, many of his students have told Tom they struggle with drawing. The biggest pain points include:

  1. How do you draw from heart, without references?
  2. How do you draw with more simplicity?
  3. How do you draw full, harmonious scenes that include backgrounds?
  4. How do you draw with more confidence?
  5. How do you translate your sketches into a final illustration?

Tom’s hope is that by taking this class, you’ll have more confidence in how you draw, you’ll find a stronger link between how you draw and how you want to illustrate, and ultimately, bring you more creative freedom and power in your illustration process.

Like all Tom’s classes, this class takes the long road. So buckle up and get ready for a journey deep into his unique approach to drawing toward illustration! The biggest insight you will gain will be in learning what he calls the Two Modes of Drawing, Observational Mode at first, and then, Ideational Mode.

And of course, Tom brings you a fun and highly sharable illustration project to put your newfound knowledge into action! For this class, you get to create a full page illustrated scene of your workspace or dream studio, with a foreground and background and lots of fun details! If you can make it to the end of this one, you’ll be rewarded with what might be one of your most ambitious portfolio pieces yet! But seriously, just by going through his own project for the videos, Tom gained so much insight that he was able to put to use in his actual client work, right away!


Tiffany Chow

Keren Duchan

Ohn Mar Win

Alanna Cartier

RJ Bruni at Inmist Media House

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Drawing Toward Illustration: Connect How You Draw with How You Illustrate
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