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Drawing Houses in Procreate: Illustrate a Unique, Imaginative Home

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In this class you'll learn how to design and illustrate unique, stylised homes in Procreate. While we'll be focussing primarily on the process of illustrating a house from start to finish, this class is also jam-packed full of Procreate tips and tricks to help you brush up on your digital drawing skills.

We'll cover:

  • Getting started drawing with Procreate + lots of tips and tricks
  • Finding inspiration and making studies
  • Building up interesting house designs using shapes
  • Rendering stylised materials and textures
  • Adding character with details and storytelling
  • Choosing a striking colour palette
  • Creating a unique house illustration from start to finish

As well as introducing you to some of my favourite Procreate tools such as the symmetry tool, Quickshape tool, clipping masks, and much more, I'll be showing you how to design unique, eye-catching homes by playing with shape, colour, texture and detail.

While this class is beginner-friendly, it’s also suitable for any artist who wants to improve their illustration skills and gain more practice in Procreate. I’ll be explaining how to get started in Procreate and showing you how to use my favourite tools as we go along, so even if you’ve never used the app before you’ll be able to join in.

To take this class you’ll need an iPad with Procreate installed, and an Apple Pencil.

If all that sounds like fun and you’re ready to draw some imaginative homes with me, then let’s get started!

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Drawing Houses in Procreate: Illustrate a Unique, Imaginative Home
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