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DIY Product Photography: Style & Shoot Creative Stills

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Make your Instagram, Etsy, or portfolio pop with this fun and accessible class from the stars behind popular YouTube photography channel Mango Street!

Join Rachel Gulotta and Daniel Inskeep, aka Mango Street, for an inspiring look behind-the-scenes of the product photos that stop your scroll on Instagram. From concept to creation, you’ll learn exactly how to showcase the items that mean the most to you—from your favorite shoes to your very own artwork—using tools you already have on hand.

Focusing on resourcefulness over perfection has earned Rachel and Daniel a community of over one million subscribers on YouTube. Now, they're sharing their process in detail to help you transform any idea into a shareable image.

Key lessons cover:

  • Researching and sketching to create a show-stopping concept
  • Choosing the right location and lighting wherever you are
  • Styling your shot intuitively (anything can become a prop!)
  • Shooting your product for Instagram in two distinct styles

Plus, every step is packed with helpful tips and unexpected hacks developed over Mango Street’s journey from scrappy spec shoots in their apartment to winning clients like The Gap, Gatorade, and Craftsman.

Perfect for any aspiring or practicing photographer who’s stuck at home with a bunch of ideas but no model, special equipment, or set, this class will give you the tools and confidence to get started right away. Grab your DSLR or iPhone and unlock a whole new world of creation!


This class is welcoming to students of all levels, though is particularly focused on beginner and intermediate photographers. While Rachel and Daniel use a DSLR, you can use any camera you choose, including your phone! Learn more about Mango Street’s gear and favorite Adobe Lightroom presets in the Projects & Resources tab.

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DIY Product Photography: Style & Shoot Creative Stills
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