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Discovering Persian Relief Creative Art Painting : Full Insight + guides

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Thanks for all the support. Previously we have leant madhubani or mithila painting, tanjore sounth indian art, warli saura art, jaipur marble art, Rajasthani phad art. In this class we will learn persian art.

Hi I am Nabojit Kar, an artist educator and a entraupreauer and today i am going to show the beautiful persian painting. Persian painting is one of relief painting.

Relief is a sculptural technique dating back to ancient times. Relief sculpting gives the impression that the sculpted images have been raised above the background plane, when in reality the flat background surface has been cut and lowered leaving the unsculpted elements to appear raised.

The two main types of relief art are high relief and low relief or bas-relief. High relief is where more than 50% of the sculpture protrudes from the background. Conversely, in low relief, the protruding elements have a shallow depth; like on coins.

Traditionally, relief sculpting is to cut into and lower a flat surface, usually stone or wood. But, it also includes the technique of adding depth and texture to (on top of) a flat surface giving it a three-dimensional (3D) look. Many different materials can be used to achieve this 3D affect.

In this class we will learn various persian art designs, then we will do cone work, arylic coloring and relief work. The painting guideline wil l be uploaded so check the video carefully passwork will be given in a video.

After this class you not only learn a new kind of work but also get deep insite with tips and tricks. with that beign said without any further edu lets start our persian art

Find PDF in the Last Class for practice. If not send me a message and I will reply back within 2 days

See you,

Nabojit Kar

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Discovering Persian Relief Creative Art Painting : Full Insight + guides
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