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Digital Strategy and Transformation

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Nowadays, the fast change of “analogous” business models, to “digital” models, creates the necessity to generate strategies that help companies to outline digital transformation routes.

Companies are exposed to a great number of factors that could delay their digital readiness. Being knowledgeable about these challenges will enable to understand the digital transformation map that companies must create to capitalize the value that their digital strategies will generate.

With this course you will be able to:

  • Know the guiding principles for the creation of strategies.

  • Know that the digital transformation map in companies is.

  • Understand and identify the “digital readiness level”

  • Create a digital transformation map.


**Topic 1:**Guiding principles in the creation of strategies

  • Topic 1.1 Definition of a strategy
  • Topic 1.2 From analogous to digital business model

Topic 2: Digital transformation: Definition

  • Topic 2.1 What is digital transformation?
  • Topic 2.2 Digital transformation map in companies

Topic 3: Creation of digital strategies

  • Topic 3.1 Digital Readiness of your industry
  • Topic 3.2 Design your digital strategy

Topic 4: Route map in digital transformation

  • Topic 4.1 Creation of digital transformation maps
  • Topic 4.2 Create your digital transformation map

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Digital Strategy and Transformation
4 weeks
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