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Design a Pattern Collection in Procreate for Spoonflower

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Learn how to create a pattern collection in Procreate for Spoonflower!

In this class I will teach you it all, from ideas to sketching, drawing your patterns, and finalizing your files. You will learn what to think about when you create a pattern collection specifically for Spoonflower. We will talk about how to name your designs, different colorways, and how many patterns you should include in a collection.

I will take you through my full process of uploading my designs on Spoonflower including all of the details like tags, file names, and finally how to order samples so that you can make your designs for sale in your shop.

I’ve included 3 free premium Procreate brushes here in class, from me and my husband's brand Faber Co, you can find all of our brushes here:

There are many perks to why you would like to create collections for Spoonflower, such as being more efficient when you create patterns, and making more sales on Spoonflower.

This class is made for you who want to learn how to create a full pattern collection in Procreate. You probably have an interest in selling your designs on Spoonflower, but it’s not a must to take this class. The actual process of creating a pattern collection in Procreate is pretty much the same for me, even if I create it for a different purpose than to sell on Spoonflower.

It's an intermediate class.You need to have some basic knowledge of drawing and creating patterns in Procreate to be able to follow along. If you never have made a pattern in Procreate previously I recommend to watch my other classes about creating different types of patterns in Procreate before you watch this class. Such as:

P.S. You can find all of my classes on my profile page here on Skillshare >>>



P.S. If you share your project on Instagram feel free to tag me with @maja_faber . And if you want to connect closer with me, join my Patreon for behind-the-scenes, podcast, weekly work & life updates, tutorials, Q&A chat and much more:


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Design a Pattern Collection in Procreate for Spoonflower
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