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CSS Masterclass: Complete Guide From A to Z

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CSS stands alone as the most important technology when it comes to 'styling' web pages. CSS is not a tool, framework or some form of development library. It is one of the backbone technologies that powers the web alongside HTML and Javascript. In short, html focuses on the structure of the web page document, javascript the interactivity and dynamic behavior; CSS is all about the design of web pages. Web design continues be transformed for the better with each iteration of the CSS language. Why? Because with it, you can design beautiful, modern and responsive websites. CSS and it's latest version allows designers and developers the ability to create industry leading websites.

In this course, I help you to get off the ground running with CSS. We'll talk not just about how things work in CSS but why. We'll look at some of the intricacies of the language and then some working examples as to how to work with css properties and values. Opposite to other courses on CSS, this course does not explain how to create certain CSS/HTML implementations like fancy headers, nav-bars etc... Why? Because the focus is on the fundamentals.

The lessons in this course will help you gain a solid foundation in CSS and will help you further your studies in all aspects of CSS whether that be frameworks, layout techniques, responsive web design, media etc..

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CSS Masterclass: Complete Guide From A to Z
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