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Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class

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A few years ago, “cryptocurrency” was a naïve area, and people were reluctant to learn about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies were in a very nascent stage, and people were hesitant to deal with them. The situation is changing today. Cryptocurrencies have started gaining popularity worldwide. People are curious and excited to know about cryptos and invest in cryptocurrency. More than 15 crore people across the globe have invested in cryptos.

The sudden rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, subsequent decline and enormous attention of the world on it makes it essential to navigate through the world of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology powers cryptocurrency and has been hyped as the most transformative technology.

Many cryptocurrency stock exchanges have been established and are operating successfully using blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are getting traded on these platforms for billions of dollars. Organizations have started accepting crypto as a mode of payment. Cryptocurrencies have witnessed an exponential increase in interest and excitement.

If you are also excited to learn about blockchain, cryptocurrency, or digital finance, this course is for you. The course is designed for people with any background interested in understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The course will span for six-seven weeks. The course will take you through cryptocurrency’s history, moving gradually to the mechanism of how cryptocurrencies work, the associated pros and cons of crypto and blockchain, and concluding with the regulations surrounding cryptocurrency. We will cover the foundations of Blockchain technology, definitions of currency and how to assess the risks in this modern investment environment.

In this course, we will explain what cryptocurrency is, how it works and the future outlook of cryptocurrency in an easy and simple fashion. The course will begin by explaining the various terminologies associated with cryptocurrency. You will understand the mechanism of blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrency. You will explore the framework of cryptocurrency. As an illustration, we will take you through an example of bitcoins, how we transact in bitcoins, the properties, and the challenges associated with bitcoins. By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and the realities of Cryptocurrency.

You will also unearth the features of cryptos and the risks associated with the crypto world. By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain mechanics, the advantages and limitations of cryptos and blockchain technology, and a decent knowledge of cryptos' regulatory and legal aspects.

At the end of this course, you will learn:

  • What is a cryptocurrency and why so much noise?
  • What is blockchain and its use in modern-day finance.
  • Can Cryptocurrency be an asset class?
  • What different countries are doing around crypto and their regulation?


This is a seven-week course. The course will demystify cryptocurrency, blockchain, and their mechanics in an easy and simple-to-understand manner. The course will include a series of bite-sized videos combined with quizzes and discussion topics that will give you holistic learning of the subject.

Week 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

You will be introduced to the framework of cryptocurrency. You will know how cryptocurrency evolved, the various terms and definitions associated with cryptocurrency, and how you can transact in cryptocurrency.

Week 2: Cryptocurrency- Advantages, Risk and Future

After understanding the basic framework of cryptocurrency, you will explore the advantages of cryptocurrency, the risk associated with cryptos and the future outlook of cryptocurrency. You will unravel these concepts by going through examples.

Week 3: Rules and Structure of Blockchain

You will be learning the Blockchain mechanics this week. You will understand the rules and structure of Blockchain Technology and how cryptocurrency transaction goes through.

Week 4: More on Blockchain and Smart Contract

You will be learning more about Blockchain and smart contracts. You will dive into the different scenarios of blockchain and the associated concerns.

Week 5: Cryptocurrency as an asset class in a Diversified Portfolio

After understanding blockchain, you will dive deeper into cryptocurrency. You will examine Cryptocurrency as an asset class in a Diversified Portfolio.

Week 6: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

You will explore the cryptocurrency framework in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) context.

Week 7: Regulations around Cryptocurrency

This is the last week of the course. This week, you will learn the regulations around cryptocurrency. You will get a broad overview of the laws and regulations for cryptocurrency worldwide.

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Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class
7 weeks
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