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Corporate Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial culture, are terms that are heard and read repeatedly. These have emerged with renewed strength in an economy in which new and great business opportunities appear. For this reason, entrepreneurial skills are valued in companies and organizations that base their growth and competitive advantage on innovation.

It is increasingly common for entrepreneurial projects to be deployed within an established organization, which is known as intra-entrepreneurship or corporate entrepreneurship. Expand your knowledge on this topic with this online course.

The purpose of this administration course is to explain to participants the main concepts of corporate entrepreneurship and introduce topics of "Entrepreneurial Culture" aimed at developing competencies for the organic growth of the company or the development of the organization.

  • The importance of innovation in organizations
  • Identify how innovation is linked to the development strategies of organizations
  • Corporate entrepreneurship as a strategy for organizational growth and development
  • The importance of entrepreneurial culture in the organization
  • The relevant elements for the design and implementation of a corporate entrepreneurship strategy


Topic 1. Articulation of innovation as a growth strategy

1.1 Business innovation

1.2 From innovation to entrepreneurship

Topic 2. Development of entrepreneurial culture in the company

2.1 Corporate entrepreneurship as an organizational strategy

2.2 The culture of entrepreneurship

Topic 3. Design of strategies for corporate entrepreneurship and management of intra-entrepreneurship teams

3.1 The ecosystem of corporate entrepreneurship

3.2 Programs and projects of corporate entrepreneurship

Topic 4. Corporate entrepreneurship in practice

4.1 Entrepreneurial Organizations: From Idea to Practice

4.2 Assessing Corporate Entrepreneurship

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Corporate Entrepreneurship
4 weeks
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