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Composition for Illustration: 10 Drawing Tips in Procreate

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Improve your composition with these quick exercises in Procreate.

Feeling comfortable with drawing backgrounds for your artwork starts with a great composition.

In this class, I would like to share what I learned about composition to help you become more confident when creating your o wn unique artwork.

We will use fun story moments from my travel sketchbook to go through 10 tips on****how to quickly and easily improve your compositions.

We will talk about:

  • What makes a strong a nd pleasing composition design,
  • How to arrange and balance elements in your artwork, so they work well together
  • How can you engage the audience through your art
  • How to lead the eye of the viewer around the image, visual weight, composition schemes, static and active compositions, point of view, and much more

I included fun exercises to build your confidence in creating your own compositions, emphasizing what is important in your Illustration, resulting in pleasing artwork.

To practice quickly and easily, we will use sketchbook illustrations.

I will use Procreate but feel free to use any other digital drawing software, pen and pencil, and other

traditional tools.

Whether you are a beginner just starting to learn about compositions or a little more experienced illustrator looking into learning some new skills, this class is for you.

So let’s start creating awesome compositions.

See you in the class!

©️ Copyright Iva Mikles | All Rights Reserved | Class content & structure for educational purposes only

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Composition for Illustration: 10 Drawing Tips in Procreate
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