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College Algebra

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This College Algebra course will cover fundamental concepts of algebra required to interpret a variety of functions and equations. Topics within this course include: linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, inverse functions and their graphs, linear inequalities, and linear systems of equations. Students who successfully complete this course will demonstrate increased ability in problem-solving and logical thinking.

As a student in this course, students will:

  • Compute with and categorize Real numbers
  • Solve and apply equations and inequalities
  • Analyze and use graphs and functions
  • Solve systems of equations and inequalities
  • Compute with and factor polynomials and polynomial functions
  • Compute with rational expressions and solve rational equations
  • Compute with and simplify radicals, roots, and complex numbers
  • Solve and graph quadratic functions

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Doane University

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College Algebra
8 weeks
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