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Character Design: From First Idea to Final Illustration

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Turn the ideas in your head into compelling illustrated characters alongside character design expert Jazza!

Jazza has already taught you how to illustrate incredible characters—but how do you even develop the ideas you want to draw? In this hour-long class, the illustrator and YouTube star will walk you through the design process he uses to create amazing characters time after time.

To start, Jazza will share the building blocks of character design that you need to understand before even putting pencil to paper. (And he’ll get into character himself for these lessons to make the fundamentals way more fun.)

Then, you'll get to watch over Jazza's shoulder as he designs four new characters from scratch right before your eyes. Along the way, you'll learn:

  • How to use inspiration in your work without copying what's already been done
  • How to use brainstorm sketching to discover the character in your head
  • The process of refining and testing your character until they're just right
  • How to present your character ideas to other people to sell your concept

Whether you're interested in creating your first ever characters, or are a veteran illustrator looking to up your game, you're sure to leave this class with some new ideas—and, more importantly, a design process you can trust will help make them a reality. Plus, if you work alongside Jazza, you’ll end up with some illustrated characters of your very own.


This class is appropriate for aspiring and experienced artists alike. Follow along in your medium of choice, on paper or digitally. Even if you're working with different tools, Jazza’s tips and techniques will still apply to your process.

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Character Design: From First Idea to Final Illustration
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