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Capstone Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability

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Please note: The capstone project is only accessible for ID-verified MicroMasters Program learners who successfully obtained verified certificate in all MicroMasters Program courses

In this capstone project, you will focus on designing a sustainable biobased process. The emphasis of the project is on conversion. You will design a process from biomass to a finished product and discuss your choices for a catalyst, reactor type, organism and feedstock. You should be able to discuss your choices in the broad picture of sustainability while emphasising the conversion aspects of the process.

Complete your MicroMasters credential with the final written report in this capstone project.

You can only start the capstone project after completingall other courses in the MicroMasters Program in Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability with a verified certificate for every course.

You will be able to:

  • Design a sustainable biobased process.
  • Choose an appropriate catalyst for the process and discuss the consequences of that catalyst on the process.
  • Choose an appropriate organism for the process and discuss the consequences.
  • Choose the appropriate feedstock for your biobased process and discuss the consequences.
  • Calculate the mass balance of the process.


Module 1: Preparation

The first module will focus on preparing you for the final assignment. Provided are

some recap questions and additional reading material that can help you on your way

to writing a professional report. This module is open to all learners, including those only auditing the course.

Module 2: Capstone Project

The second module will present to you the case you will be working on, as well as

some additional guidelines. You will first submit an outline, then a draft report, and

lastly a final report. This module is only open to learners who signed up for a verified

certificate and completed the previous three courses with verified certificates.

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Capstone Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability
8 weeks
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