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Cannabis Processing

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This course will examine all processing and refinement methods of cannabis, including marijuana and hemp. Students will learn about extraction methods, distillation techniques, and purification methods. Differences between cannabis products, such as the major and minor cannabinoids, full spectrum versus broad spectrum extracts, distillates, isolates, and nano-encapsulated cannabinoids and their applications will be discussed. Students will also learn about THC remediation and how these processing methods relate to the environmental and economic benefits and challenges that a hemp industry might create in the U.S. Newly emerging technologies like biomimetics, fermentations and catalytic enzyme conversions to source cannabis will also be discussed.

After completion of the course, students will apply their knowledge to cannabis extraction and processing and determine which traditional and new technologies are driving the cannabis market and why. Students will also use their knowledge to identify lesser known production and processing methods and how these relate to the cannabis industry.

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Doane University

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Cannabis Processing
8 weeks
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