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Brand Identity Design: How to Design Brands People Care About

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Brand is more than a logo—its the voice, personality and purpose behind the companies and products we love. Unlock the secrets to building brands people care about!

Join celebrated designer Alex Center to learn how you can design unforgettable brands from the ground up, starting with strategy and building to create a comprehensive visual identity. Drawing on his experience working with entrepreneurs, founders and iconic companies like Coca-Cola, Alex breaks down a complicated process into a simple framework you can apply right away to add depth to your personal and client projects.

Key lessons include:

  • Laying a strategic foundation that gets your client onboard and sparks creativity
  • Designing for the specific locations where people encounter your brand
  • Telling the story of your brand through design decisions, from font to color palette
  • Crafting a timeless visual identity system that can grow and evolve with your brand

Plus, Alex walks through a real client project from first meeting to final presentation, sharing behind-the-scenes secrets, concepts and designs along the way.

Geared towards any creative who’s ever thought “I can do more than create beautiful logos,” this 45-minute class will transform your process, helping you go from designer to brand builder. Prepare to expand your skillset, wow your clients and bring your ideas to life like never before!

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Brand Identity Design: How to Design Brands People Care About
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