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Boost Your Business German Vocabulary - Basic Accounting Terms

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The pool of german accounting and financial terms is an essential element of business german and therefore I decided to create this specific class.

This class is for people who already speak the German language but need to boost their business german vocabulary in order to communicate more confidently in a financial context. In this class, I will go through the basic german accounting and financial terms and use them in a business context. This way it would be easier for you to remember the new terms and make them part of your active business vocabulary.

Each lesson consists of a few accounting terms and one or two example sentences for each term. I am a fan of active learning and therefore I have prepared for you an interesting game which you can find in the form of an attached pdf file. At the end of the class, you can download the attached file and play the game over and over again until you become good enough to communicate in a financial context.

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Boost Your Business German Vocabulary - Basic Accounting Terms
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