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Blooms & Shrooms: Draw Fun & Funky Art in Procreate

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Want to learn how to draw a retro-inspired blooms & shrooms illustration on your iPad in Procreate? Flowers and mushrooms are two of the most popular, on-trend motifs in surface design right now. Plus, they’re super fun to draw!

This class is short and sweet: it’s all about enjoying the process of creating fun and funky artwork while learning the fundamentals of Procreate. The goal isn’t just to create a groovy illustration, but also to draw something that will sell well.

You’re going to learn how to key into what’s trending and how to infuse your own unique artistic voice into your artwork so whatever you create is uniquely you.

This is a beginner-friendly class, so even if you’ve never used Procreate before, you’re going to be able to follow along just fine and create an awesome illustration. And if you’re already a Procreate pro, you’re going to get my best tips & tricks for creating professional-level illustrations.

This class is packed with insider resources and shortcuts. The idea here is that we’re going back to basics with a few fresh ideas. : )

Just like all my other Procreate classes here on Skillshare, I’m packing this one with a ton of free stuff! You’ll get free Procreate brushes from True Grit Texture Supply and a collection of on-trend color palettes that I created myself.

I’m also giving you a watercolor paper texture that’s prepped just for this class, so it’ll fit perfectly into your canvas.


Class Assets:

  • Download your Bonus Freebies here.
  • See my full list of Supply Recommendations here.


Who this class is for:

  • Artists
  • Surface Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Anyone interested in drawing & having fun!


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Blooms & Shrooms: Draw Fun & Funky Art in Procreate
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