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Big Data Machine Learning | 大数据机器学习

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  1. 统计学习的基本理论
  2. .机器学习的基本方法
  3. 深度学习的理论和方法

An ongoing challenge for machine learning is how to deal with big data. At present, the problem of machine learning dealing with large-scale data is widespread. How to propose a machine learning algorithm to meet the needs of big data processing is a hot research topic in the big data era. The course " Big Data Machine Learning" is a basic theory course for senior undergraduates and postgraduates in information science department. Its purpose is to cultivate students' comprehensive ability to understand the theoretical basis of Big Data Machine Learning, master the methods of Big Data Machine Learning firmly, and solve practical problems. This course focuses on the methodsof machine learning and deep learning, and aims to realize the application of big data machine learning. The main contents of the course include:

  1. The basic theories of statistical learning

  2. The basic methods of machine learning

  3. The theories and methods of deep learning

  4. 大数据机器学习的基本概念

  5. 大数据机器学习的技术以及原理

  6. .机器学习以及深度学习的算法

  7. Basic concepts of Big Data Machine Learning

  8. Principles and techniques of Big Data Machine Learning

  9. Algorithms of machine learning and deep learning

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Big Data Machine Learning | 大数据机器学习
16 weeks
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