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Beyond Beginner: Tips and Tricks to Level Up Your Watercolors

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Are you frustrated with your progress learning to paint with watercolor? As a self-taught artist I completely understand how tricky it can be to work with watercolor and how much time and practice it takes to develop the skills necessary to be successful with the medium. But I also know that it's possible to develop those skills. Painting is not just a talent you're born with!

In this class you'll get suggestions, tips, tricks and techniques I learned over ten years of painting. The class is designed to help you move beyond being a beginner and get more comfortable working with the medium.

To illustrate the concepts I share in class, I give examples of my own early paintings and suggestions for what I could have done to improve them. I also take students into my painting process, sharing views of my sketchbooks and practice pages.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of using high quality materials
  • How mixing unique colors will give you the most natural looking paintings
  • That learning to study and observe your subjects will make your paintings more successful
  • How to choose the right composition
  • Learning to controlling the amount of water you use
  • The secret, most important skill you need for learning how to paint
  • How painting one petal at a time will make your flowers look more realistic
  • Tips for painting overlapping objects
  • Techniques for layering paint
  • Suggestions for manipulating paint on the paper
  • The importance of adding fine details

By the end of class I hope you'll be able to look critically at your work with an eye to what steps you need to take to improve it.

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Beyond Beginner: Tips and Tricks to Level Up Your Watercolors
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