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Beginner's Guide to Master Face Drawing | Anime and Manga

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In this Class you will learn a lot of very valuable information! from the basic such as how to successfully draw circles & lines to more advanced such as how to draw the face proportions, structure and shapes.

You will learn what are the differences between male and female faces, understand how to draw faces without any kind of guidelines, how to study your favorite artists to create your own style and how to create every kind of diverse face style!

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!


*IMPORTANT: Neither Sensei or the teacher Dairo own any of the commercial, distribution or creative rights of the Anime characters that appear in this class, they are not being used for commercial purpose, they are only being used as an informative and educational medium to exemplify the class topic. They all belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved ©


Beautiful music by: Tsundere Labs | Ujico | Moe Cafe | Rekanan

Thank you! All rights reserved to the respective owners©

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Beginner's Guide to Master Face Drawing | Anime and Manga
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