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Beginner's Guide to Creative Blogging: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

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Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet and a beautiful way to market your work in an authentic way while growing a loyal following.

But where do you start? That’s where this class comes in.

You'll learn:

  • whether or not blogging is "dead" (hint: it's not!).
  • reasons for blogging and how to discover yours.
  • how to define success for yourself.
  • about different types of blogs and blog posts.
  • how to figure out what to write about.
  • how to choose the right platform for YOU.
  • ways to style and format your blog.
  • how to create a content calendar (and why you need one).
  • how to develop your voice.
  • Anne's step-by-step process for creating and polishing blog posts.
  • Anne's favorite tools for improving her posts and connecting with readers.
  • how to grow your audience.
  • how to measure success.

This class is designed so you can set yourself up for success with a creative blog – on YOUR terms.

Taught by Anne Butera, an artist, teacher and writer who's been blogging for more than 12 years. Through her blog Anne was able to earn features in a book and magazines, collaborate with other artists, land interviews on podcasts and grow a loyal following of customers and students.

The class draws on Anne's many years of blog reading as well as her experience with writing for her followers. Throughout the lessons there are many examples of beautiful sites to get you thinking about what you want for your own.

After working through these lessons and the 14 exercises included in the Blog Planning Worksheet, you’ll get clear on your blog’s purpose and ready to begin growing your audience by creating well-written pieces which will connect with your readers.

You have a story that only YOU can tell. The world needs your gifts. So get started now!

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Beginner's Guide to Creative Blogging: How to Set Yourself Up for Success
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