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Become a Pro Handwriting Analyst: Graphology for all scripts

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One day I was visiting an exhibition. At one booth a crowd had gathered. In the center there was a man standing like a famous celebrity. People were looking upto him as if he was giving them gold coins. I got curious and I stood in the crowd waiting for my turn..

This person was no less than a celebrity. He was a handwriting analyst, surprising people with his magical skills of revealing dozens of character traits of a person by reading his signature. When he started telling me about me, I was shocked. How could he know all these things about me when we have never met before even once in this life?

His accuracy was mind blowing.

This is what you can achieve through this course. Become a certified handwriting analyst cum celebrity where people are eager to give you their autograph! Haha..

Handwriting reveals personality. This course is ideal for you if you wish to learn how to know a person's personality from handwriting. You may learn this as a hobby or for professional application. This course is good for beginners.

So what will you be learning in this course?

  1. You learn how to read people's personality from their Handwriting.

  2. You learn the meaning and psychology behind every aspect of handwriting.

  3. You learn all the variations of handwriting. Eg: Margins, Baseline, Size, Slant, Pressure, etc.

  4. You will also be given 20-30 handwriting samples for your study purpose.

  5. You can apply this method of handwriting analysis to analyse handwriting of an language even if you dont know the langauge you can still do some analysis.

This is a complete course in itself. You do not need any more information other than what is shared in this course of Gestalt Method of Handwriting Analysis.


Paresh has been conducting classroom training programs on handwriting analysis and this online course is designed to give you the same learning experience. This course is a beginner course covering all aspects of Gestalt Method Handwriting Analysis. The course is designed by Paresh Chitnis who is a certified Graphologist and Handwriting Expert practicing now for more than 11 years professionally. Partial recordings are done by Neha Rathod who is a Psychologist & Graphologist at CPAG.


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Paresh P Chitnis – Handwriting Analyst

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Become a Pro Handwriting Analyst: Graphology for all scripts
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