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Basics Guide To Culinary Education in 91min

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Culinary Education in 90 min

“Knowing a 1000 recipes will not make you a great Chef, but knowing food science & mastering culinary techniques will!”

In short, that’s exactly what this class is about.

In the following 9 lessons & a Bonus one, you will get to know all the basics of the essential culinary topics that you will need to work on and develop in order to really “kill it in the kitchen” & become a great Chef.

After finishing this course, you will:

  • Become more confident in the cooking & learning new techniques
  • Get to know all the essential culinary skills & techniques that you will need to develop or refresh, in order to manage a successful kitchen
  • Learn basic culinary theory (e.g. what’s most important in baking; how to assess a well-cooked sauce; key principles of a beautiful & balances plating, flavour building, etc.)
  • Know the right path to more sustainable cooking
  • Find out about techniques that can elevate flavour of the simplest of the ingredients
  • Be able to analyse the recipe and cook & present any standard dish from any culinary area (appetizer; main course; pastry & dessert; bread, etc.)

So whoever you are:

  • a passionate pro-homecook,
  • an aspiring young person considering going to a culinary school
  • an experienced Chef, wishing to refresh her culinary knowledge & theory


I hope you do enjoy it, will learn something new and valuable to take you a step further in your culinary journey, and it will inspire you to continue your culinary education & mastery.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK with extra tips & supporting materials for the course.

Have fun!

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Basics Guide To Culinary Education in 91min
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