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ASL | Learn How to Sign | Introduction to American Sign Language

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Course Description:

Welcome to Learn How to Sign's Introductory Course. In this class you will be taught by YouTube's fastest growing channel for learning ASL. By the end of this course, you will have the framework to carry on a basic conversation in ASL. You will have the opportunity to test your skills in the form of receptive quizzes and expressive prompts so you can feel confident in practical ways to use your newly acquired skill. This course is for beginner signers or those who need a refresher in all things ASL basics. So are you ready to learn how to sign?


Your instructor, Meredith, has decades of experience to share. Meredith holds an Associate in Interpreting, a Bachelor of Arts in Interpreting with a double minor in Educational Interpreter and Speech Pathology and a Master in Education specializing in Deaf Education. She is a nationally certified educational interpreter and certified ASL teacher in Texas. Currently, she works as an ASL teacher at the secondary and collegiate level as well as interpreter at her local church.

She is lucky enough to work side by side with her husband who is the CEO, director and editor of all their Learn How to Sign content. His attention to detail allows for a seamless and professional production for you to enjoy.

What will you learn:

Each lesson includes teaching segments, vocabulary, a review, receptive quizzes, expressive quizzes and homework assignments.

  • Introduction
    • Learn this First (attached video link)
    • Parameters of Signs
  • ABCs
    • Alphabet
    • Fingerspelling words
  • Numbers
    • Numbers 0-30
  • Greetings and Farewells
    • Introductory greetings and farewells signs
    • Common phrases
  • Questions and Responses
    • Wh word signs
    • Yes and No signs
    • Affirmations and Negations signs
    • Common phrases
  • Exchanging Information
    • Basic Informational Signs
    • Emotional Signs
    • Common phrases
  • Conversation Signs
    • Conversational Signs
    • Directional Signs
    • Common phrases
  • Common Signs
    • Pronoun Signs
    • Family and Pet Signs
    • Common Signs
    • Commons phrases
  • Cumulative Quiz (Class Project)
    • Receptive Quiz
    • Expressive Quiz
  • Conclusion
    • FSH!

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ASL | Learn How to Sign | Introduction to American Sign Language
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