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Art Journaling for Self-Care: 3 Exercises for Reflection and Growth

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Bullet journaling is great for productivity and journal entries are great for processing, but what about when you want something creative and reflective? Time to try art journaling!

Break out the collection of notebooks that’s taking up an entire section of your bookshelf and join YouTube star Amanda Rach Lee as she guides you through three art journaling exercises she uses all the time in her personal journals. Whether you’re an illustrator, a bujo maven, a person with a Washi tape collection that’s getting a tiny bit out of control, or somewhere in between, Amanda’s class is for the feelings in all of us — and can help you feel gratitude for your present and dream for your future.

Amanda has built a huge following on YouTube focused entirely on journaling. An artist by nature and trade, Amanda uses her journals to plan, focus, and reflect, but never before has she shown how art journaling is such an important part of her life. With her fun and approachable teaching style, you’ll journal alongside Amanda to:

  • Reflect on your present and envision your future
  • Learn to use scrap paper, Washi tape, and other stationery in fun new ways
  • Explore your own joys and challenges, no matter how big or small
  • Express and process your feelings through mixed-media art

Amanda’s tried-and-true exercises are ones you’ll return to again and again, giving you specific frameworks to journal with in the future when you know you have to let it out but you’re not sure how. Join Amanda in this no-pressure, all-fun class that will give you the freedom to explore your creativity and express yourself completely!

Amanda's class is welcoming to everyone. While she uses a dedicated journal and a variety of markers, Washi tapes, and paper, you are welcome and encouraged to use whatever materials are at hand or whatever you find the most fun.

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Art Journaling for Self-Care: 3 Exercises for Reflection and Growth
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