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Amazingly Loose Watercolor Paintings. Master the Hake Brush Technique

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In this class we will learn how to master the Hake brush to enable you to loosen up your future watercolor paintings.  We will start by discovering the qualities of the Hake brush before moving on to develop and practice mark making.


  • The materials you will need
  • How to control the water in the brush
  • Correctly loading the brush
  • The importance of getting a sharp edge on the brush before painting
  • The correct paint consistency
  • Using different parts of the brush for different effects
  • Using one color to make both broad and narrow strokes
  • Double loading the brush to paint with two colors at the same time
  • The importance of leaving white paper showing

I will give you two very important tips that I wish I had known when I first started painting

I will supply you with four little vignettes that you can use to copy in order to practice your brush strokes.

This class is especially suitable for beginners.  It will also be useful for anyone who has not yet used a Hake brush. You will only need some watercolor paper, a Hake brush, a rigger or small round brush and a small selection of watercolor paints. Throughout the class there will be small tasks, top tips and recaps at the end of the lessons. Completing this class will give you the skills to loosen up your future watercolor paintings to a whole new level.

This class is for you if you

  • Have never used the Hake brush before
  • Own a Hake brush but have never been sure how to use it
  • Want to loosen up your watercolor painting
  • Want to paint without having to do detailed drawings before you start.

So, come with me on an exciting journey of using the Hake brush and by the end of the class, you will

  • Understand how to control the water in the Hake brush so you don't flood your paintings
  • Develop your own unique style of making brush strokes and texture marks
  • Have confidence in painting a picture without having to follow an initial detailed drawing
  • Know the importance of leaving white paper in your pictures

I'll see you in the first class!

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Amazingly Loose Watercolor Paintings. Master the Hake Brush Technique
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