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Adventures in Gouache: Painting and Pattern Making Techniques

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In this class, we'll be focusing on how to paint with gouache and get the best out of it. Gouache is such a versatile medium, so often though it gets used like watercolor, but I believe it's at its best when used in a flat, slightly thicker way to give a bold graphic look.

We will start with some paint tech exercises and then move on to pattern making.


  •   What materials you will need.
  •   The different qualities of the paint pigment.
  •   How to paint a color guide for reference.
  •   My personal methods for mixing paint to get the right consistency.
  •   The best way to layer your paint.
  •   How using different brushes affects your mark-making.
  •   We will experiment with marks creating a variety of patterns and produce a library of inspiration.

Then I’ll show you how I gather inspiration for a painting from objects I find in my garden and around the home. We will look at color choices as well as the composition and I will take you through how I mix my colors. Finally, we will draw out and paint a gouache study of our chosen objects.

This class is suitable forbeginners.You don’t need lots of painting experience, just some creative enthusiasm, and a few brushes and paints. Throughout the class, there will be mini-tasks, top tips, and little recaps to keep you involved and on track as you create your class project. This class is for you if you've:

  •   Always wanted to try gouache but have been nervous about painting with it.
  •   Used gouache before without much success.
  •   Used gouache for years and love the stuff — there is always something new to learn!

So follow me on a journey of adventures in gouache and by the end of the class, you'll have:

  • A much better understanding of how to paint with gouache
  • Confidence to experiment with marks and patterns
  • An understanding and method for choosing a color scheme
  • A plan for completing your own painting.

See you in class — happy painting!

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Adventures in Gouache: Painting and Pattern Making Techniques
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