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Advanced Database Queries

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This is the 2nd course in the introductory, undergraduate-level offering that makes up the larger Introduction to Databases MicroBachelors Program. We recommend taking them in order, unless you have a background in these areas already and feel comfortable skipping ahead.

  1. Introduction to Databases
  2. Advanced Database Queries
  3. Advanced Database Administration

These topics build upon the learnings that are taught in the introductory-level Computer Science Fundamentals MicroBachelors program, offered by the same instructor.

This course is a continuation of the basic concepts, organization, and implementation models taught in the Introduction to Databases course, with an emphasis on the relational model. Among the topics covered are the development of advanced queries that utilize aggregation, subqueries and built-in functions. Aggregation queries are used to pull back summary data to help understand the detailed instances in the database. Subqueries help to break large into smaller testable component parts. Functions are used to format and perform calculations on the data returned in the query. Database development and administration skills are required in most Information Technology, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science jobs. The course utilizes the open-source relational database MySQL. MySQL and it's open-source fork MariaDB are used in millions of web apps to persist the application data and provide query processing. Applied labs expand on the lectures to provide students with hands-on experience with a relational database management system (DBMS) and structured query language (SQL).

If you successfully complete all the courses within the program, with a passing grade of 70% or better via the verified (paid) track, you’ll not only receive a certificate highlighting your achievement, but also have the option to collect real college credit (included in the price!) that you can count towards a pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

Industry Certification Preparation

This program covers much of the material that is assessed on the MySQL8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified Professional exam. The exam is not included in the cost of the program.

  1. Develop queries in SQL to aggregate data stored in a database.
  2. Develop queries in SQL that utilize subqueries.
  3. Choose the proper datatype for storing a piece of information in a database
  4. Develop queries in SQL that utilize built-in functions.
  5. Design a database that is efficient for storing data and provides correct results in queries


Week 1

Aggregate queries

Introduction to how to formulate and issue queries that aggregate data stored in the database

Week 2


Introduction to how to formulate and issue queries that utilize subqueries on data stored in the database

Week 3

Data types

Introduction to how to work with data types to store data in the database

Week 4

Using Functions

Introduction to how to formulate and issue queries that utilize built-in functions when querying the database

Week 5

Designing a database

Introduction to how to design a database for efficiency and correctness

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Advanced Database Queries
5 weeks
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