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Acrylic Landscape Painting: Learn The Basics for Beginners

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In this class, I will be teaching you how to paint a Loose Acrylic Landscape using a reference photo while also adding your own personal touch to it. Learn everything you need to know to paint a landscape. I will cover the basics, from color mixing, brush techniques, dimension / form and much much more! This class is great for beginners but also for someone who needs to brush up on their fundamental skills in acrylic painting.

A former art teacher and now an independent full-time artist, I am so excited to be teaching on Skillshare and I truly hope you find this corner of your space comforting, inspiring, and encouraging! Can't wait to connect with you all!


  • Prepping your canvas and materials – I will show you how to prep your canvas before painting and all the brushes and paints you will need for this project.
  • Color Mixing– we will go over how to create a range of colors by only using 4 colors and white and black.
  • Brush marks– I will demonstrate the brush techniques that will be used in today’s class project.
  • Block in shapes– I will show how to simplify your reference photo by blocking off your shapes based on color and shape.
  • Dimension / Form– I will teach you the basics of achieving form in any shape based on color and value.
  • Depth / Perspective– Will show you examples of depth of field and will also show you how it is applied n today’s project.
  • Painting process and details – I will teach you how you can layer and build your colors to add definition to you painting.

MATERIALS I USED(but use whatever you have available.)

  1. Paints:
  • Liquitex Basics Acrylics –

  • Hooker’s green, Light olive green, Raw sienna, Phthalo blue, Black, White

  1. Brushes: 3/4 flat brush, thin brush (details), 6 and 10 filbert brush, 6 round brush (clouds)

  2. Strathmore Acrylic Paper (6x8”) -

  3. Glass Palette -

  4. Glass scraper -

  5. Bowl for water

  6. Paper towel / rag

  7. Gesso -

  8. Artist Tape -


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Acrylic Landscape Painting: Learn The Basics for Beginners
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