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Acoustic violin vs Electric violin for Beginners

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I'll go through the fundamentals of reading charts and the Nashville Number System. For the modern worship guitarist of today, learning to read and write your own charts is crucial.

We'll study how to play capos, various tuned guitars, and other stringed instruments in a worship environment. A capo or a guitarist tuned differently can create aural possibilities that are typically only heard on large recordings. By just adhering to some of these crucial ideas, you may improve the sound of your worship team. I will discuss how to get ready and what it takes to be ready for everything.

Who should take this class:

  1. All beginners, including guitarists who are unsure of where to start and feel lost, as well as intermediate and advanced players

  2. Anyone who plays the guitar and wants to improve their technique Anyone who feels that their personal guitar instructors aren't quite "cutting it" for them If you picked up the guitar years ago and started learning, but you want to pick it up again

  3. players who are interested in learning how to play guitar in a worship band, whether they are novices or intermediates.

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Acoustic violin vs Electric violin for Beginners
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