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Abstract Watercolor Paintings: Explore Through Freeform & Planned Process

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Do you feel like venturing into the wonderful world of abstract watercolor paintings?

In this class, you'll be learning two methods to go about creating abstract watercolor paintings: one that is freeform and improvisational, where you jump right in & learn to trust your creative instincts; and another involves brainstorming and planning out your work before putting paint to paper.

Planning out a painting is often easier than jumping right into the immediacy of improvisation, so I'll be bringing you behind-the-scenes into my studio where I will share my artistic process with you, step by step, You'll be learning the principles that make this method fun, accessible, and inspiring, and apply it to your own creations.

I'll be giving you little tips & tricks along the way that are particular to watercolor and helping it work for you so that you can create your own freeform & planned process abstract paintings.

Subjects we'll cover are:

  • A close look at brushes and different types of watercolor
  • Creating watercolor swatches to become familiar with your colors
  • Tips & tricks to make your watercolors work for you
  • Simplifying your choices to help you get started
  • How to create abstract paintings through freeform & improvisation
  • How to create abstract paintings through a planned process
  • Learning ways to release yourself from fear while you're painting

I will show you exactly how I created 3 different abstract paintings from start to finish—to get a real glimpse into what goes on when I'm painting. The creative process is often a mysterious, seemingly untameable thing, but I break it up for you here, so that you can take away new principles about process, design & the world of watercolors; and hopefully inspire you to create your own.

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Abstract Watercolor Paintings: Explore Through Freeform & Planned Process
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